“Don’t watch that, it is so not empowering.”
“Watch Frozen, Elsa is such a strong, independent woman.”
“If I let my daughter watch that, she’s going to grow up dreaming of a prince and harbouring unrealistic relationship expectations.”

I’m probably going to get a lot of flak for this, but seriously. They’re just movies. Children (especially girls) may not necessarily look entirely to Cinderella or Snow White as a role model. What about the other not-so-fictional women in their life, like their mothers and sisters? Peers?

Let girls watch Disney princess movies if they like it. Let them treat it as a form of entertainment rather than something to emulate. Let them have fantasies of becoming princesses and marrying handsome princes if they want to, so long as they still maintain a grip on reality at the same time.

I don’t always like to talk about myself, but I grew up watching and loving the Disney princess films. My favourite was Mulan (which you might say is empowering in some way), but I liked Belle and Ariel as well. I definitely did not grow up dreaming of princes (ew). I loved Disney merchandise but at the same time wanted a telescope so I could pretend I was some sort of young astronomer. I was jealous of girls who had princess dolls, but at the same time I wanted a toy remote-controlled helicopter /plane because that was the closest I could get to piloting one.

It’s always nice to have more progressive / empowering films like Frozen and Brave, and no doubt some films could have some impact on us, especially children, but ultimately, they’re still films.

[Image source: Google Images]


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