I love learning. Here, you’ll find a bunch of stories and blog posts (maybe even the occasional how-to’s) that chronicle my learning process. They’re usually either amusing or sleep-inducing.

To further elaborate, here is a list of skills/hobbies I’m currently working on, and the sources I’m using. If you read this and you have additional source to suggest, feel free to do so!

  1. Languages (German and Mandarin, for now)
    – Duolingo, children’s books, various Disney songs (German)
    – Chinese Skill, children’s books, friends who are native speakers (Mandarin)
  2. Coding / Programming (Python, iOS Dev/Swift)
    – edX, HackerRank (Python)
    – Udemy (iOS)
  3. Writing (an old, old hobby)
    – I write as much as I can. Which is usually not much, unfortunately, but I try.
    – also, I’m hoping this blog might help in some way

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