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Hackathon #1

It’s 3:10 a.m. and there is a dude sitting at the other table eating from a bag of cottage cheese chips while working. I’m as green (with envy) as that bag of chips is.

I do have something to work on – preparing how we would pitch tomorrow. And I decided to write here now because having several windows open with stuff you want to do on each one helps keep you awake. Well, hopefully.

It’s 3:14 a.m. and I can’t stop looking at the can of Pringles over at another table. It’s green, too.

I’m glad we’ve reached this point, and I’m glad it will be over soon, because this first hackathon definitely was not what I had expected. The team had decided to roll with a relatively difficult idea, and although I don’t mind challenges (else why would I even be in a hackathon in the first place, eh?), there was nothing I could do to contribute to the development of the idea; my skill sets weren’t compatible. I learned as much as I could prior to the hackathon, but it was not enough and we didn’t even use a shred of it. All I did was make a few minor additions to the interface of the web app (which I’m not even sure made the final cut, as of now), and I feel terribly guilty because one of the team members had did the bulk of the work on his own.

It’s 3:18 a.m. and I’m feeling a little more awake after that last chunk of text, thank God.

I’m writing now mainly to…

It’s 3:19 a.m. and I just saw someone I knew from a previous tech event, who had said she wasn’t sure if she was attending this hackathon.

Well, I’m writing now mainly to generate ideas for what I could write regarding the pitch. But maybe my brain has simply switched to emergency “Write” mode because I’m actually dead tired (but not going to think about it!)

It’s 3:26 a.m. and I haven’t even written the first paragraph and I was actually scheduled to sleep for another hour till 4:30 a.m. .

Oh well. No rest for the wicked.

(That last line was totally intended because Wicked is about a green witch, and being green was mentioned several times, and… right, ich werde damit sofort aufhören.)


RIP Bearville (2007-2015)

Build-A-Bear Workshop is a retailer of teddy bears and other stuffed animals which used to have codes printed on their birth certificates for an online game / word called Build-A-Bearville (later Bearville) that was started in 2007 and ended recently in March 2015.

I started playing in 2010 when I was 12 (around the same time when I started learning Italian, liked Tokio Hotel and was severely addicted to Winx Club). Bearville was my childhood even though I was pretty much entering my teen years at that time. I haven’t been on in a long time (1-2 years?) and when I realised that it closed down, I’d say it hit me pretty hard. And considering I only had my first visit to an actual Build-A-Bear Workshop store in London about a month ago (my nearest store would be in the neighbouring country).


It would be cheesy to say that I would always remember this world, but I will always remember this world. I don’t think I could ever forget how I traded away my own pair of Bunny Glasses because I didn’t know it was the unofficial gear of the ‘elite’ class in Bearville, how I was put off by the elite class in general but felt kinda jealous at the same time knowing that I could’ve been one of them (pre-teen girls. Ya know.), or how much I loved the world and the good friends I made there (I don’t know how far you could say ‘good friends’ considering you only know them by a username that consists of a pre-determined first and last name). The cool moves, and clothes and food, games, characters, occasional celebrities, the Fountain, etc, etc. THE TRAIN TO THE NORTH POLE AND… AND… the library, the university, and the fixed deposit thing at the bank (that was pretty annoying actually). My only consolation now is the music from the game which someone posted online (thank you!). Ah, the memories.

And for the first time in forever, I’m not yelling in frustration at my semi-malfunctioning computer… we’re just exchanging sad glances as we reminisce the time I played Bearville on it.

Goodbye, Bearville. A little late, but yeah.